Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Home

Your home is the center of your world – where family and friends meet. Protect your dwelling and your dreams with our homeowners insurance, available at a surprisingly affordable price.

Protecting Your Home and Possessions

A homeowners policy helps cover property damage from fire, lighting, windstorms, hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism and many types of theft.

If you are forced out of your property due to covered damage, your  homeowners coverage may also help pay for additional living expenses (such as a hotel) while the repairs are being made.

Protecting Yourself

Accidents happen … and as a homeowner, you could be held liable for injuries to visitors that occur in and around your home due to unsafe conditions.

As a homeowners insurance customer, we can help protect you from many types of liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property while in your home.

Additional Homeowners Coverage Options

Be sure to ask us about these additional coverage options, available with a home insurance policy:

  • Personal Property Replacement Coverage
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Scheduled Personal Property Coverage
  • Personal Injury
  • Additional Premises Coverage
  • Home Day Care
  • Office School and Studio Use
  • Vacant Home Insurance

Assistance When You Need It

When your home is insured with us, you have a team of professionals behind you, including an agent who knows you and a claims representative who specialized in helping people through very difficult times.

Get the Right Rates

We determine rates based on your personal insurance characteristics. We factor in many elements – such as how long you’ve had a policy with us, your claims history, some credit information, deductibles, discounts and more – all to help ensure that you pay what’s right for you.

Here are two ways you could benefit from homeowners insurance:

Customer Longevity – If you’ve had your homeowners insurance with us for at least five years, your premium may be reduced.

Claims Free – If you haven’t filed any chargeable claims for at least five years, your premium may be reduced.


Be Insured

It is easy to get affordable insurance coverage for every part of your life.

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