Liability Umbrella Insurance

The bigger your dreams, the more you have to protect.

You’ve worked hard to build your dreams, whether they include a car and a home, a successful business or a thriving farm. But an unexpected lawsuit could jeopardize what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Liability umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of financial protection to help you hold on to your dreams.

What is liability umbrella insurance?

Our auto, home, farm and ranch, commercial, recreational vehicle and boatowners policies provide primary liability protection. But, if an accident or lawsuit were to exhaust your primary liability coverage, you could be in financial dire straits.

Having liability umbrella insurance for your home, auto, farm, ranch, business or recreational vehicles and boats can provide you with additional protection over and above your primary insurance limit.

What does liability umbrella insurance cover?

Here are a few examples of situations which could suddenly result in costs exceeding your primary coverages:

  • A visitor to your home or property slips and falls.
  • A friend is injured while driving your boat.
  • One of your social media posts results in a slander or libel suit.

The more you own in property and other assets, the more you stand to lose.

How does a liability umbrella insurance policy work?

For example, if you have a $500,000 liability limit on your homeowners policy and a $1 million limit on your umbrella policy, your homeowners insurance covers the first $500,000 of a claim, and your liability umbrella insurance policy picks up an additional $1 million.

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